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Divergence is a festival of Diversity and we are hoping for as much variety as the community can bring. This means we desperately want people to bring their flavour to the celebrations by holding events that encompass what colour they bring to the world! 

The possibilities are may be an individual that wants to hold a  morning tea at your house for your friends, or a business that wants to celebrate the wisdom you see your Mad colleagues bring to their work, maybe you are want to hold an art exhibition at your cafe, or you want to facilitate a workshop sharing your skills, perhaps you want to do a talk on how your culture understands Mad experiences.  We want to encourage all of these events and include them in the festival, in order to show the public the incredible diversity that we bring to the world. 

If you would like more information about hosting an event during Divergence then click the contact button.  If you already have an idea and are wanting to submit it then use the form below.  

Lets show what a multifaceted diamond our Mad community is! 

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